Children can be collected from a number of UK airports and be driven directly to their boarding school. All private school overseas students have a requirement of transportation either to or from their respective school. Boarding house parents require students to be chaperoned with duty of care and professional responsibility at all times.

  • Working with house parents, house staff and UK guardians gathering student information and documentation for their journeys.

  • Unaccompanied Minors: If an UM airline service is required, the minor will be chaperoned into the departure lounge & we will wait until airline staff take responsibility for the student.

  • All flights are tracked continuously. The driver will wait until the student is air side, safely boarded & the plane has departed (this isn’t always necessitated by the school or guardian).

  • House parents, house staff & guardians will be notified of any late arrivals.

  • Luggage and quantity must be made clear when booking to allow for the appropriate vehicle booking.

  • Should any issues arise that are out of our control then there is an hourly charge.

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